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Thought I'd make one. Whoo, here we go!

List of Doom! ...Or not. )

Annnd, that's all. Yep.
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Title:  Engulfing
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count:  1,570
Disclaimer:  Ugh, after all this time, despite not owning anything, these effing boys still won't leave me alone!
Summary:  Pre-Rent. Mark didn't know what he was getting into, and, simply, he was scared.
A/N:  So, yeah. Another Rent fic. And it's a withdrawal fic, at that. Oh joy.


He didn't know why he insisted on this... )


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Title:  Scars (2/?)
Rating:  R
Word Count:  3,129
Disclaimer:  I should own it! Maybe then they'd get out of my head and leave me alone!
Summary:  Roger thought the scar incident was the end of it. Boy, was he wrong.
A/N:  So, I thought Scars would be a one-shot. I was wrong, ha ha! These silly bohemians just keep doing silly things.
Part One


Roger seriously did not like today. Nor how things are turning. )

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Title:  Scars
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  2,466
Disclaimer:  I don't own a thing. All mistakes are mine, though.
Summary:  Post-Rent. While catching him off guard, Mimi discovers a secret about Mark. The atmosphere goes from playful to tense when Roger discovers the secret too, leaving Mimi with only more questions.
A/N:  So. This is a sequel to Actual Reality. Sort of. You could also read Giving a Gift to know what day Roger's referring to, but it's not necessary. Enjoy.


Mimi had no idea what she'd unleashed... )
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Title: Submerge
Rating: PG-13/R? (Suggestiveness and language)
Word Count: 2,411
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just like to play in the sandbox.
Summary: Pre-Rent. Ever since Roger met April, he's been on a downward spiral. Mark isn't too sure on what to do.
A/N: Soooo, here's one of the supposed Christmas gifts I have on my hard drive. Late, I know!


Roger goes missing. Mark, the idiot he is, goes looking for him. )


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Title:  Actual Reality (3/3)
Rating:  R
Word Count:  1,649
Disclaimer:  I wish, but alas, do not own.
Summary:  Mark has to deal. There's only one problem: Mark doesn't deal well.
A/N:  So, here is the final part of this little fic. This gave me quite a lot of trouble, but I think it turned out fine...
Part One                             Part Two


Mark couldn't believe it. How could he have been so stupid? )

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Title:  Between Friends, part 2
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count:  2,169
Disclaimer:  I'm sorry! I own nothing!
Summary:  Roger should have known he'd never get away with it.
A/N:  I should be shot. After a shit load of rewrites, it is done. And it's still crap. This is the last of this crack, I swear!
Part One (should you want to have the full cracky experience...)


If you thought the first go was bad, wait till you get a load of this! )
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Title:  And Life Begins
Rating:  PG-13 (That seems to be my default rating...)
Word Count:  1,723
Disclaimer:  Rent will always own me. I've never had any power over it.
Summary:  Pre-Rent. Mark just arrived in the big city and has nowhere to go. Luckily, he runs into the singer of the Well Hungarians.
A/N:  This is sort of my tribute to RENT. Instead of posting something relating to its ending like I originally was, I wanted to focus on a beginning. I'll save the ending fic for another day.


Mark doesn't really think things through... )


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Title:  Past Impression (2/?)
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count: 2,161
Disclaimer:  Don't own either play. All mistakes are my own.
Summary:  Roger makes due on his promise to go to the museum.
A/N:  Ahhh, another chapter! Also, from here on out, I'll be borrowing lines from Aida. Hope that's okay...
Part One

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Title:  Actual Reality (2/3)
Rating:  I'm just gonna go with R for the whole thing
Word Count:  2,416
Disclaimer:  Why do I bother with this? I don't own anything.
Summary:  Mark's been missing two months. Roger's beyond worried.
A/N:  Jeez... I didn't think I'd continue, but the damn plot bunny would NOT stop gnawing on my head.
Part One


Roger's plagued with questions... )


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Title:  Giving a Gift
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count:  651
Disclaimer:  Still don't own!
Summary:  It's been exactly a year, two months, and three days since Mark moved into the loft. Roger decides it's time to give him a gift. What better time than today, Valentine's Day? Pre-Rent.
A/N:  I live! Anyway, here's a little something I wrote for a friend. Whoot!


He doesn't know what he's in for... )
Then, he blinked. "It's Valentine's Day?" He asked, confused. Roger smirked. So like Mark.
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Title:  Happy Beginning
Rating:  PG
Word Count:  1,106
Disclaimer:  Still own nothing.
Summary:  Pre-Rent. Roger just wants to be left alone. However, when you're friends with Maureen, you don't have that choice.
A/N:  So, I had this little idea in my head and thought I'd write down. This oneshot is the result. I sort of have my own Rent lore in my head, the story below being apart of that. Before meeting Mark in New York, Roger and Maureen were best friends, having grown up together and all... This is actually the beginning of everything (to me anyway -laughs-), the fics Say It and Perfection excluded. Those were for friends and don't really flow with my made up lore.


You could be a little nicer, you know, I just climbed through a ficken window! )


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Title:  Past Impression (1/?)
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  1,461
Disclaimer:  I don't own anything. I'm just a poor boy.
Summary:  Post-Rent. Due to a promise he made in high school, Roger grudgingly takes the gang to the museum. What he finds there, however, will shake everything he's ever known.
A/N:  So, it's a crossover. I couldn't help myself! Probably done before, but hey, I wanted to try it.


Every story, tale or memoir, every saga or romance... )
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Title:  Between Friends
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count:  1,772
Disclaimer:  I own nothing! All crack belongs to me, though...
Summary:  During-Rent. A chipper Angel. A brooding Roger. An empty loft. Spells trouble, no?
A/N:  I have nothing to say for this! Well, except: Warning! May cause brain damage and/or obsession.


Take heed! Roger/Angel lies within... )
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Rating: PG-13? Just barely, for cussing and suggestiveness.
Word Count: 2,113
Disclaimer: I own nothing, yet again. Le Sigh, I know.
Summary: Pre-Rent. Mark had always been a quiet and reserved person... until a certain someone showed up.
A/N: Yeah... This was a gift for a friend. I actually really love how this came out, despite it being a high school AU. (But really, it's not that bad!)


Click here to see awkward Mark. )
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Another fic!

Title: Say It
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 819
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing! Just borrowing.
Summary: Roger wants Mark to say something. Mark doesn't want to. Pre-Rent.
A/N: I was bored after an exam. This is the result. Yay?


"Say it!" Roger yelled. )
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Well, might as well post fic here too.

Title: Actual Reality
Rating: PG-13, to be safe
Warning: Uhh, dub-con? Lots of cussing.
Word Count: 1,494
Summary: Due to a stupid decision on his part, Mark causes Roger to do something stupid in turn.
A/N: First ever fanfic! Whoo-hoo!


Roger and Mark have a falling out... )


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