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Title:  Past Impression (2/?)
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count: 2,161
Disclaimer:  Don't own either play. All mistakes are my own.
Summary:  Roger makes due on his promise to go to the museum.
A/N:  Ahhh, another chapter! Also, from here on out, I'll be borrowing lines from Aida. Hope that's okay...
Part One

Even if I have to search a hundred lifetimes, I will find you again...”


“Roger!” Roger snapped his head toward Maureen. “Stop dawdling already. I want to go in!” The brunette pulled at his arm, practically dragging him to the doors. Damn, the girl's got some strength.


“Stop it, Honeybear.” Joanne dislodged Roger from the drama queen. “He's keeping his promise, isn't he?” Maureen smiled as she leaned in for a kiss. Joanne gladly gave her one. Roger rolled his eyes.


“If I knew you all were coming, I would've stayed home.” Roger grumbled, eyeing Mark as he filmed people walking in and out the museum. Joanne smiled at him, feeling a little sad that he was dragged into this.


“Roger, you know I had to let them know you were taking me to the museum.” Maureen stated as she linked arms with Mimi, both giggling like school girls. “Besides, they wanted to come. How could I refuse?” She asked, smiling innocently. Roger rolled his eyes, causing Collins to laugh.


“Alright, alright, leave the poor boy alone.” Collins called to order as he wrapped an arm around the blonde. “After all, he left the comfort of his bed to be here with us humble bohemians.” Collins grinned, hugging the guitarist. The group chuckled. Sleep... I want sleep...


“Are we going or not?” Roger questioned, breaking free from Collins' grasp. He moved forward, whacking Mark on the head as he passed. “Come on, Antonioni, we're going in.” Mark glared at Roger as he rubbed his head, reluctantly following the gang into the museum.


Mimi skipped up to Roger, intertwining their hands. “Bad mood, babe?” She asked with a smile. Roger scoffed, pulling her close. Mimi laughed, returning the embrace. “I guess that's a yes.” She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. Roger let a smile grace his lips.


“I'm just tired,” he said as way of explanation, “I'll behave after I fully wake up.” Mimi laughed again, kissing Roger. Roger grinned. Now this could wake me up...


“Hey now, you two,” Collins poked their shoulders, “This is a family place.” The couple pulled apart, Roger swatting the anarchist away. Collins dodged, taking Mimi with him. Mimi giggled as Collins hugged her, laughing when Roger stuck his tongue out at them.


“Collins! Stop stealing my girlfriend!” Roger mocked whined. “Oh no... I'm becoming Mark!” He exclaimed, terror on his face. Maureen and Mimi laughed when Mark threw a button at the musician. “Ow! Where the hell did that come from?” Roger rubbed his forehead, the button's target.


“Her.” Mark pointed to Joanne, who had a smirk on her face. Roger stared disbelievingly at the lawyer.


“I don't know what he means.” Joanne grinned, stuffing her hands into her pockets. Roger narrowed his eyes. Gotta keep an eye out for that one... Maureen whined.


“Roger! Are you taking me or not?” She demanded, pouting all the while. Roger rolled his eyes.


“We're here. What more do you want?” He grumbled, glaring at Mark, who was trying to suppress laughter. Maureen grinned that grin of hers. That can't be good...


“You said you were going to take me on a date!” She accused, grinning from ear to ear. Joanne's smile faded, her eyes narrowing. Yikes.


“I am not taking you on a date!” Roger tried to keep his voice calm, but the way Joanne was staring at him made him nervous. He didn't want to mess with her; she could kick his ass without any trouble.


Maureen turned to Joanne. Oh no. “Pookie! Make him take me on a date. He promised me all those years ago.” She pouted, cuddling up to the lawyer. Joanne just stared at Roger, eyes still narrowed. Joanne is going to murder me!


Collins, someone who could be counted upon to solve all problems, spoke up then. “Why don't we all split up in groups?” Wait. That's not helping. “Mimi can go with me, Joanne can go with Mark, and Roger with Maureen. Fair enough?” Collins smiled, happy with his brilliant plan. Definitely not helping.


“How is that fair?” Mark asked, cocking his head. Joanne nodded, wanting to know the same thing.


Mimi smiled, catching on to Collins plan. “Easy. Nobody's with their lover.” She stated, content with herself. Collins chuckled as he walked over to Mark and Joanne.


“Now, doesn't that sound like a plan?” He threw his arms around Mark and Joanne's shoulders. “Besides,” he squeezed Joanne's, “it's not like anything will happen between the two.” He then whispered something into her ear. Joanne slowly smiled, laughing when he finished. Mark, on the other hand, groaned, shaking his head.


“Yeah, okay, that works.” Joanne conceded. Both Maureen and Mimi jumped in joy, running to get their “dates.”


“Wait, what did you say?” Roger asked Collins, curious in what calmed the all-fearful Joanne. The anarchist just smiled and walked off, Joanne following suit, donning a grin and a raised eyebrow. Roger turned to Mark.


“Trust me, you don't want to know.” Was all he said before following his “date.” Weird.


“Huh, look at that.” Maureen thought aloud, startling Roger. He quirked his eyebrow. “A dike and a Jew. What a date!” She grinned at Roger. Roger blinked for a few seconds before he burst into laughter. The girl was a riot at points.


“Come on, psycho,” he looked about, “let's get you to the Egyptian wing.” So you can finally leave me alone. He started walking, noticing that Mimi disappeared without a trace. Girls... he'll never understand them.


“I'm so excited!” Maureen was practically bouncing as they approached the exhibit. “I finally get to see all the ancient Egypt crap!” Roger rolled his eyes, though he couldn't stop a smile from forming. He still couldn't believe a promise from high school landed him in this situation.


Maureen skipped to the first display: an Egyptian armor. It was worn by a mannequin, which was in an archer's position. It was even complete with an ancient bow and arrow. She seemed bored with it and moved on, but Roger stayed. As he looked at the garb, his heart began racing.


He stared at the figure before him. Something about it seemed... familiar. Roger shrugged, choosing to move on. He looked around, trying to find Maureen when he spotted her wavy brown hair. She was standing in front of what looked like a female pharaoh. She looked as if she was in a trance. Worrying a little, he moved toward her. But he stopped short halfway there.


Roger stared at the exhibit to his left. It looked like a piece of a tomb of some sort. He moved closer, examining it carefully. The plaque said it was excavated in 1990, three years ago. So it was relatively new? As he read on, it said that it was believed to have held traitors to the Egyptian Royals. Believed? Didn't they know? He stared at the tomb again.


Looking at the slightly faded painted walls, Roger's heart doubled in beat. He swallowed, an uneasy feeling creeping its way into his stomach. What the hell...? It suddenly felt hot. Roger was starting to break out in a sweat. Swallowing again, he took a step back. Why was he feeling this way? He turned his head, intending to find Maureen again, but she was blocked from his view.


A woman was there, bent slightly over, examining the tomb. Roger stared at her. She was beautiful, her black, shoulder length hair let down. She was in a long, nice, white skirt and blouse, showing off her curves. Her skin was dark and rich, like melted chocolate. Roger's breath caught in his throat.


There'll be no ties of time and place to bind us...” Roger looked away, shaking his head. What the hell was that? He glanced at the woman again. She was standing upright now.


No horizon we could not pursue...” An image of a woman in the dark flashed through Roger's head. Roger shook his head again, dizzy. What's going on? The woman next to him began to walk away.


Roger wanted to follow her, to stop her. He walked after her a few steps. It was like his body was on auto pilot. “We'll leave the world's misfortunes far behind us...” Another image: a couple clasping their hands together. He stopped short, willing his feet not to move another inch after the woman.


Then, she stopped. Roger held his breath. For what, he didn't know. She slowly turned, facing the tomb again. Her expression was confused, her delicate brow furrowed. Roger was vaguely aware that he was openly staring at her. Then, she turned to Roger, and their eyes met.

“And I will put my faith and trust... in you.”


Roger didn't know what he was doing. He didn't know why. But for some reason, he was walking toward her as she was to him. They both had confusion written on their faces. They stopped a yard way from each other, just staring.


“Um,” Roger tried to think of something to say, but he was at a loss. She was more capable of thought.


“Have we met before?” She asked, her voice like velvet. Roger racked his brain for any memories containing the woman in front of him. Nothing came to his mind.


“I... don't think so.” Roger answered, rubbing the back of his neck. “My name's Roger.” The musician offered his hand, which she took.


“Nice to meet you, Roger.” She smiled, shaking his hand. “I'm Alisha.” Roger nodded. He definitely didn't know any Alishas. Then why did she seem so familiar? “So... Do you like the exhibit?” She asked, looking around. Roger surveyed the room.


“Well, I've only seen this one fully.” He motioned to the tomb. “For some reason, I was drawn to it.” Realizing what he just said, Roger glanced at Alisha. He found her smiling.


“I know what you mean,” she nodded, a far off look in her eyes, “It's like it just pulls you in.” She moved closer to it, placing her hand gently on the glass. Roger was captivated with her movements.


He moved to the glass, to her. “I've... always wondered about Ancient Egypt.” Roger found himself saying. “What was it like there, to be there, sailing the Nile.” He chuckled. A feeling placed itself in his stomach. It was almost like... longing. He heard Alisha laugh. It was a strong laugh.


“Yes, that would be something.” She smiled, removing her hand from the glass, and turned to Roger. “The beauty of it would be so majestic and so free...” She stopped, looking at ground. Roger blinked. Whoa... déjà vu. Weird. She looked up, uncertainty in her eyes, like she was thinking the same thing.


It wasn't the tomb that pulled Roger in, he realized; it was her. “Look, this may seem weird, but – ” Roger was cut off as Maureen called to him.


Alisha was startled as the brunette threw herself on the musician. “Roger!” She squealed. “You won't believe what happened!” She glanced at Alisha, narrowing her eyes. Alisha returned the gesture.


Roger sighed. “You've decided to stop pestering me for an change?” The musician shoved Maureen away. “If Joanne caught us like this, she'd kill me. You know how she's possessive of you.” Roger shook his head, turning back to Alisha. But she wasn't there. What the hell?


“Hey there, love birds!” Collins sang as the rest of the gang traveled to the tomb. Joanne gathered Maureen in her arms, delivering a kiss to the eager brunette's lips. Mimi made her way to the female pharaoh, Joanne following along with Maureen. Collins found some pottery that caught his interest. Roger just stood where he was, transfixed on the tomb.


“Hey,” Mark greeted, his camera off for once, “What's wrong?” He asked as he studied the tomb. So that's why the camera's off. He wants to talk.


Roger glanced at his best friend. “Nothing...” He didn't know what was going on. He was just so confused. Mark turned to face him, a little look of concern on his face. “Really. Don't worry.” Roger focused his attention back on the tomb. “I just... met someone interesting, is all.” Mark quirked an eyebrow at his roommate, clearly worried but let it go.


“Who?” Mark asked as he too looked at the tomb, reading the plaque. Roger just stared. He was really starting to freak Mark out. “Just a stranger.” Roger finally spoke. Mark just nodded, knowing he wasn't going to get anything more out of the musician.


Roger gazed at the tomb, recalling his encounter with Alisha. He suddenly became angry. She was just some stranger I've met! A stupid woman who I hardly know at all and will forget! Anonymous and gone tomorrow. Then, Roger got that feeling in his stomach again. That longing... So familiar...


Roger swallowed. He didn't want her gone. He wanted to see her again. And that scared him shitless.

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