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Thought I'd make one. Whoo, here we go!


And Life Begins
(Pre-Rent, PG-13, one-shot, 1,723 words)
- Mark just arrived in the big city and has nowhere to go. Luckily, he runs into the singer of the Well Hungarians.

Giving a Gift
(Pre-Rent, NC-17, slash, one-shot, 651 words)
- It's been exactly a year, two months, and three days since Mark moved into the loft. Roger decides it's time to give him a gift. What better time than today, Valentine's Day?

(Pre-Rent, PG-13/R, one-shot, 2,411 words)
- Roger goes missing. Mark, the idiot that he is, goes looking for him.

(Pre-Rent, NC-17, one-shot, 1,570 words)
- Mark didn't know what he was getting into, and it just might be too much for him.

Between Friends
(During-Rent, NC-17, slash, complete)
Part One
- A chipper Angel. A brooding Roger. An empty loft. Spells trouble, no? [1,772 words]
Part Two
- Roger should have known he'd never get away with it. [ 2,169 words of pure cracky smut!]

Past Impression
(Post-Rent/Aida crossover, PG-13, het, WIP)
Part One
- Due to a promise he made in high school, Roger grudgingly takes the gang to the museum. What he finds there, however, will shake everything he's ever known. [1,461 words]
Part Two
- Roger makes due on his promise to go to the museum. [2,161 words]

Actual Reality
(Post-Rent, R, slashiness, complete)
Part One
- Due to a stupid decision on his part, Mark causes Roger to do something stupid in turn. [1,494 words]
Part Two
- Mark's been missing for two months; Roger's worried. [2,416 words]
- Mark has to deal. There's only one problem: Mark doesn't deal well. [1,649 words]

(Sequel to Actual Reality. Post-Rent, R, slashy/het, WIP)
Part One
- While catching him off guard, Mimi discovers a secret about Mark. The atmosphere goes from playful to tense when Roger discovers the secret too, leaving Mimi with only more questions. [2,466 words]
Part Two
- Roger thought the scar incident was the end of it. Boy, was he wrong. [3,129 words]

separate continuity

(Pre-Rent, AU, PG-13, slashy, one-shot, 2,113 words)
- Mark had always been a quiet and reserved person... until a certain someone showed up.

Say It
(Pre-Rent, AU, PG-13, slash, one-shot, 819 words)
- Roger wants Mark to say something. Mark doesn't want to.

Across the Universe

What Was the Name
(Pre and During AtU, PG-13, slashy, complete)
Part One
- Jude gets asked a question. He doesn't really want to think about the answer. [852 words]
Part Two
- Max is pretty messed up after experiencing what war had to offer. He's shut himself off from everything, including himself. Only he doesn't know he's doing it. [1,743 words]
- Max could just let the moment go by, not say anything, but then Jude would hate him. [1,370 words]

Far Off Memory
(During AtU, R, one-shot, 2,576 words)
- Max goes through his tour in Vietnam always wondering if he and his buddy will make it out alive. Explains why Max is the way he is in "What Was the Name"

Star Trek

That Something Special
(Star Trek '09, PG-13, one-shot, 3,472 words)
- Bones is Chief Medical Officer and, as such, he sees things happen around a certain Captain, things that change the Enterprise's bridge crew lives. For the better.

(Star Trek '09, PG-13, one-shot, 8,145 words)
Part One
Part Two - The mission was routine. Jim hoped it was routine. Hoping it would run smoothly and it actually running smoothly were two totally different things, though.


Broken Truth
(Movies-verse with comic undertones, heavy R, one-shot, 4,914 words)
- Bruce Banner always ran from people. Except for when he didn't, when he let them in. Now, though, all those doubts and uncertainties are forced back up to the surface in the worst way possible.


A Great (Mis)Adventure
(During-Show, PG-13, slashy, one-shot, 1,616 words)
- While on their way to enlist, Robin and Lancelot encounter one of their most feared foes. Well... not exactly, but close!

Annnd, that's all. Yep.

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