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I was in this place that was a cross between New Orleans and New York City, except it was in ruin. Not completely, but it was crumbling. We (a couple of people and myself in an armored type school bus) cruising through the city as if we're on a quest. I can't really describe it; it was weird.


But then, things started to pick up. The bus was gaining in speed and alarms were going off. I looked around and saw shadowy figures moving outside in the city's shadows. I was scared because I couldn't see what they were.


Inside the bus, people had helmets with laser like guns attached on them. I was the only one without one. Turns out, we were on a rescue mission. Some people were trapped in a building, and we were the closest bus to them. Everyone but the driver got out and went into the place, all but me with their laser guns.


We followed radar to get to the people, but then we heard this unearthly, shrill screech. Everyone ran faster. I was frightened.


We finally get in the room where the people were, but we were too late. There was blood everywhere and people gasping for breath, trying to claw their way out from underneath the monsters on top of them, gnawing at their flesh. I screamed. The monsters looked up, a eerie gray glow to their pupil-less eyes that seemed to pierce the very soul. From their mouths hung chunks of human flesh, blood trickling down their chin and necks.


It was like nothing I've ever seen. The monsters looked human, but it was twisted. They were almost zombie-like, with chunks of their skins missing. However, they had razor sharp claws, and their teeth were like that of wild beasts, their canines resembling saber tooth tigers'. They looked at us and lunged. My crew fired with their guns. The screeches were heard again. I tried to get one of the wounded close to me to the bus, but the Crew Leader told me to forget it and dragged me out of there. We ran, the sound of those awful screeches and laser fire echoing all around us


The Crew Leader flung me onto the bus and waited, providing cover fire for the rest of the crew. Only six out of twenty came back, one with a serious gash in his arm.


The driver sped out of there, leaving the screeches behind us. We all sat in silence, mourning those that were lost. The Leader attended to the injured crew member.


After several moments, I heard a screech and laser fire. I turned around and the injured man was dead, a hole in his chest. The Crew Leader opened the back of the bus and dumped him out. I was speechless. The radio buzzed, asking for assistance about three blocks from where we were. The Leader took the job. He then gave me the dead guy's laser gun helmet device. I was scared. Apparently, I was only there for intelligence surveillance. Seeing as we didn't have enough people, though, I was needed.


Then, suddenly, as we neared our destination, the tires gave out, causing the bus to swerve wildly out of control. I tried to hold on, as did everyone else, but the bus was roughly crashing into building and whatnot, causing some of the armor to peel off. It got a hell of a lot more bumpy. Finally, the bus hit a abandoned car the wrong way and began to flip. We were going full sped, so, when the bus began to tip, everyone lost their grip. We were flying around inside as the bus rolled down the street. Somehow, I was flung out one of the now unarmored windows, the Leader calling my name frantically.


I landed near a building, badly bruised, with what felt like a broken arm. I quickly located my laser helmet device and ran into the building to hide. I just knew that you were never supposed to be in the open streets alone. I was walking inside the building, shadows contorting into shapes that made my skin crawl. I tried to find my way back to the crew, but I heard something moaning in pain. I stood there, debating what to do. I decided to go toward the sound, thinking it may be another crew member.


As I approached, I made out the outline of a teenaged male, probably no more than thirteen. I pointed my laser gun at him and asked if he was alright. I got a groan as a response. He was hunched over, clutching his stomach. He needed help, and I was going to give some to him.


As I neared him, he turned to me, and I froze. His eyes were a dull, murky brown, but they began to glow. They began to glow an eerie gray... I stared in horror as the once normal teenage boy started to crawl to me, moaning in pain, as his nails began to grow sharper, as he clawed at his face in irritation, scraping off his upper and lower lips, revealing blood soaked yellow, decayed teeth. He opened that defiled mouth and screamed, and that same unearthly, shrill screech came out. He lunged at me. I tried to fire the laser, but I missed. He pulled me down, and ripped the flesh from both shins apart with his teeth and claws. I yelled in pain.


Then, the pain stopped. The boy-turned-monster was dead. The Leader of my crew shot him. He hauled him off me. Before we could say anything, two more monsters came howling at us. As the Leader was fighting them off, I was too busy staring in horror at my mangled flesh. I could see the muscle ripped apart and the bone sticking out of my skin. It hurt so bad. The Leader came back and picked me up bridal style and ran to the others. Turns out the crew had gotten another bus and was helping the second distress call victims into it when the Leader and I emerged from the building. He placed me in the second seat behind the driver and went to go help the others with the victims. I was still staring at my wounds. I was frightened. I was going to become one of those things, I thought. I wanted to cry.


The Leader got everyone loaded into the bus and we took off. The whole drive back, the Leader watched me, his gun aimed in my direction. I felt my heartbeat quicken, and I was starting to sweat. It just hurt. My eyes became blurry. My head had a splitting headache. My hands trembled.


My breathing began to come in ragged breaths. I was moaning in pain. I faintly heard one of the crew members yell at the Leader to do something. But he just looked at me, gun still raised. I began to shake, my hands clenching and unclenching. Then, suddenly I saw everything in gray. The Leader fired his gun, but my now razor sharp claws had already grasped his neck, the look in his increasingly dying eyes piercing me, burning me.


Then, I woke up. In a cold sweat. My shins aching.


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lkjfdhglkjdhl fgkjsdlhfkgjd


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I was freaking the hell out when I woke up

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