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Title: What Was the Name
Rating: PG-13-ish
Word Count: 852
Disclaimer: I own nothing that is of this wonderful movie. If I did, well, let's just say some scenes would have been different.
Summary: Jude gets asked a question. He doesn't really want to think about the answer.
A/N: Well, this is just a little something I wrote. My first AtU fanfic. Yay.

“What was the name?” Molly asked quietly.

“Who?” Jude asked in return, his brows drawing together in confusion. His former girlfriend seemed to let a small, knowing smile grace her lips.

“The reason you stopped writin’.” For a single moment, Jude was stunned.

Then in the next, a flood of memories entered his mind in a rush, the past engulfing him whole. Fighting against it, Jude was brought to the present as abruptly as he was taken out of it. He stared at his ex, her face a mixture of slight resentment and mild curiosity. He faltered for another moment.

“Lucy…” he sighed, the name barely coming out. She smiled a bit then, approving of the nice name, of the girl she hasn't met. He turned to leave as soon as Molly was ushered away from him.

Walking the trek to his house, Jude let himself get lost in his musings. He couldn't bring himself to let the memories in; it would tear him apart. He was deported before he got a chance to say goodbye to anyone, to see his beloved for the last time.

Jude couldn’t bring himself to write to anyone, especially Lucy. He had hurt her far too much... her and her brother. But that didn’t stop the worry that was always nagging at his brain. The worry over whether or not they were okay.

And without his consent, the memories began to leak into his mind, showing only glimpses as they flashed by: the blonde hair, the way it seemed to glow with such brilliance when sunlight would hit it; the blue eyes, so deep and emotional that Jude would drown in bliss every time he looked into the crystal orbs; the grin, the one that drove Jude mad to no end every time he set eyes upon it; and the face, that glorious, perfect face that caught him off guard the first time they met, that made Jude want to see it everyday without end. All of the images flickered across his mind in an instant.

But one image lingered far longer then all the rest.

They were lying in bed together, the blanket barely covering anything. Jude had propped himself up on one elbow, content with admiring his new lover, who was sleeping soundly in a peaceful afterglow. The moon was out that night, its gentle beam of light casting a pale shine over them, making their skin resemble alabaster. Jude softly trailed his free hand down his beautiful blonde’s side, relishing from the simple touch of the delicate skin. He’d never felt nor had anything close to what this was. This was perfect.

The bed shifted slightly beside him, shaking Jude out of his admiration.

“Hnn, Judey,” – Jude couldn’t help but smile at his affectionately given nickname – “you awake?” Jude chuckled as the once still body snuggled closer. And then, Jude couldn’t breathe.

Those eyes… those beautiful, bright sapphire eyes were now staring at him. There was an emotion flowing in those orbs with more intensity than it had ever had before. Shining more brightly than the moon – hell, more than the sun to Jude – was love, sweet, passionate love. And it was all directed toward Jude. He had to concentrate to remember how to breathe again. When he finally got air back in his lungs, he replied.

“Yeah,” Jude brought that face to his to deliver a kiss. He chuckled at the eager moan to deepen their activities. “Now, go back to sleep.” The grin he loved so much spread itself across delicious, full lips as they both settled in each others arms to drift into sleep.

A few moments later, the brunette heard a mumbled
– No! Jude shook his head. It would only hurt to remember such a sweet time. God, it felt like a lifetime ago. He couldn't, wouldn't, even think about the reason, the real reason, why he stopped writing. But it was too late. The memory had started, and it wouldn't stop until the entire scene played through. He would have to watch, watch a chapter to a story that had long since been left unwritten.

Unwillingly, Jude did nothing but wait for the one moment in his life he will never forget as the present shifted back into the vivid past in his mind...

A few moments later, the brunette heard a mumbled, “I love you, Jude…” as sleep took hold of his lover. Jude smiled and affectionately brushed a strand of hair out of that lovely face.

Jude braced himself for the next part, for the name, for the real truth in everything: why he stopped writing, why he moved to New York, why he was so secretly terrified of the draft, why he secretly really hated the war, why he was so devastated when he was denied a farewell to his friends, one in extreme particular, everything. He closed his eyes and waited for the moment when his life changed for good.

Eyes closed, he lightly kissed the top of the golden head before saying,

“I love you too, Max.”

And then Jude opened his eyes.

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