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So... I wrote this one day as a gift for a friend just getting over the flu. Thought I'd post it here. Here goes.

Warning: This is Real Person Slash. This in no way details actual events. No matter how much I want it to.

They always do the same thing.
After a performance, depending on the other’s plans, they would meet at Anthony’s apartment. A quick look to notice if anything’s different, to see if his brother was in, and they began.
Adam moves first, bringing Anthony close to him, getting his hands on everything he could. He crushes their lips together in a heated kiss, one that was sure to leave both of their lips wet and bruised.
Anthony’s hands would weave their way into Adam’s hair and shirt. He pulls at the bleached hair, ripping their mouths apart, allowing breath to flow into their crying lungs.
Adam gasped, loving the way Anthony’s grip caused tingles of pain to vibrate across his head and neck. Anthony attached his lips onto the bleach blonde’s exposed neck. His free hand traveled down south to the bulge in Adam’s pants.
Groaning when a hand grasped his erection, Adam clutched at Anthony’s shirt. He began to claw at the buttons, wanting nothing more than to touch the soft, pale flesh underneath. He managed to undo more than half before being pushed toward the couch.
Anthony then ripped the offensive t-shirt off of Adam, delighting in the way the bleach blonde moaned when Anthony pressed himself flush against Adam’s bare back. Adam groaned when a tongue traced patterns across his shoulders, shivering when Anthony bit the area where the neck meets the shoulder.
Adam shuddered when an expert hand undid and pulled down his jeans. He moaned when Anthony grasped his aching cock, causing him to grip the back of the couch, panting heavily.
Anthony’s lips and tongue never left Adam’s back as he entered Adam. The bleach blonde winced, groaning when Anthony started moving within him. Clutching the couch tightly, Adam moaned louder as Anthony moved his hand in time with his thrusts, pounding faster with each.
Their cries got louder as Anthony plunged deeper and harder still. Adam gripped the couch even tighter as his toes curled, eyes rolling back in his head as he reeled in the feeling of Anthony’s pumps, thrusts, and nails as they made their way down his back.
They cried out in unison as they climaxed together, giving into the release. They stood there on the couch, Anthony still inside Adam, for a while before one moved. And that was it. Each cleaned themselves up and then went their separate way.
They always do the same thing.
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