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Title:  Half-Breed part 2
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  4,164 in this part (8,145 total)
Disclaimer:  I own nothing! I can't even believe I wrote something else for this fandom...
Summary:  The mission was routine. Jim hoped it was routine. Hoping it would run smoothly and it actually running smoothly were two totally different things, though.
A/N:  ...Don't ask how, but I managed to turn out over 8K words of away team mishap. Yeah...


Once they were a safe enough distance away, Sulu unsheathed his blade and cut Spock’s hands free. “That stupid idiot.” The lieutenant muttered, gripping his sword tightly in anger. Spock stretched his arms, making sure his hands received the circulation they needed after being bound so tightly. “Why does he do that?”


“To what are you referring?” Spock ask, still in the process of checking to see if everything was in working order with his body, namely the gash across his head. Spock looked back toward the town, trying to make out the crowd in front of the obelisk.


Sulu looked at the Vulcan as if he were crazy. “Are you kidding me?” He took a deep breath when Spock turned to regard him with that damn eyebrow raised. How does Kirk handle that? Sulu continued, in terms he knew Spock would understand, “How can the Captain turn himself over without so much as a thought about his personal being?”


“You are assuming I know the answer, which I do not.” Spock replied, turning back to the town. “I believe the only person who would know the correct answer, or something as close to the correct answer as any one person could reach, is Dr. McCoy.” Spock turned back to Sulu. “Do you still possess your communicator?”


Sulu blinked at him. “Are you telling me we’re going to leave him? Seriously?”


Spock blinked back at the man. “The Captain made it perfectly clear that you were promoted to First Officer and I to Captain. He gave specific instructions to gather back at the Enterprise to –”


“I know what he said!” Sulu snapped impatiently. “I didn’t think we would actually listen to his idiocy.” Sulu looked at Spock, amazement on his face at the Vulcan’s calm acceptance of Kirk’s orders. “You’d leave him just like that?” Sulu asked, almost defeated, the very thought incredulous to him.


Spock’s brow knitted together ever so slightly, so much that Sulu wasn’t sure if it had or not. The Vulcan opened his mouth to respond but was cut off.


“Didn’t listen, did you?” The two men turned to the voice, Sulu ready with his blade. It was the old woman and her smile. She was standing on a mound of dirt, making her seem tall even as she hunched over her cane. “I warned you, half-breed.”


“Ma’am,” Sulu said hotly, “Please refrain from using that term.” His grip tightened on the handle.


The woman seemed to actually consider what he said, her smile lessening slightly. Then, though, she just shrugged, her smile full blast. “Even so, he still didn’t listen, and now his heart is paying the price.” She shook her head disapprovingly. “It was growing so well, too. Pity.” She turned to leave.


“I beg your pardon,” Spock spoke quickly, “What do you mean by that statement? As you can plainly see, my heart is in perfect condition.” Spock, for emphasis, placed his hand beneath his right ribcage, showing her nothing was wrong with the area.


The old one turned back to the men, her smile gentler. “That thing is just an organ, my boy. Your real heart, the one that allows your Human side to emerge from that icy exterior, is still in that village, paying the ultimate price.” She nodded slowly to them in farewell.


“Wait a minute, what’s going on?” Sulu asked, completely lost.


“I am afraid I do not understand.” Spock stated at the same moment.


The woman chuckled. “One day you will, only if you disregard your orders today. Don’t let your heart die, half-breed, or you won’t be Human any more.” And with that, the old woman left the two there, pondering over her words.


Spock turned back to the town, his mouth pressed into a thin line. Sulu watched him, wondering what was going on in that head of his. Spock seemed to nod to himself before facing Sulu once more.


“Your communicator, Mr. Sulu.” Spock held out his hand, his eyes hard.


“No, you are not leaving him.” Sulu stated defiantly. Spock actually seemed irritated with the response.


“As acting Captain, I order you to relinquish your communicator into my possession. At this very moment.” Spock commanded, his eyes piercing right through Sulu. The helmsman gulped, debating if his skill could out match Spock’s strength and wit.


Reluctantly, Sulu did as he was told. Spock took the communicator and called the Enterprise. “Spock to Enterprise.”


Enterprise, Scott ’ere.”


“Please note that I have been made acting Captain in the absence of Captain Kirk. At this time, you are to transport only Mr. Sulu aboard. If you do not hear from me within the hour, Sulu will be in possession of the con and will steer the ship well away from this vicinity. Is that understood, Mr. Scott?”


Sulu’s jaw dropped opened as Spock finished his speech.


“Y-yes, Mr. Spock. Prepared to beam.” came the stunned engineer’s response.


“Mr. Sulu, I trust you to fully obey this set of orders without any form of hesitancy or argument.” Spock stated, his eyes narrowed minutely, as Sulu felt himself disappear from the planet. Right before he did, however, Spock reached his hand out to capture Sulu’s blade, which he did with ease.


Spock turned to the town once Sulu was gone, the sword in hand. He ran.


x X x


Spock crept slowly to the center of the town, trying not to make any noise that would alert the crowd to his presence. For the first time in his life, Spock was unsure of how to handle a situation. It was unclear to him what his own plan was, only the objective of rescuing the Captain ringing loud and clear in his mind.


He reached the last row of huts, and peered across one’s corner to gain a more sufficient vantage point. He observed the crowd, who was cheering in an obnoxious manner, as they snickered and elbowed each other in a menacing way. Spock tried to gain a better view of what was happening in the center of all the commotion, but the constant shift of bodies proved to be too difficult to gaze through.


Just as he was about the move to another position, he heard movement behind him. He spun around to face his attacker only to find Kayley staring frighteningly at him. He paused in his movements, trying to decide on how to regard the child.


“Mr. Alien,” she whispered, tears threatening to fall from her eyes, “they’re gonna kill the Captain.” Spock watched as she brought her hands to her mouth to cover up a sob. He noted that her right eye was bruised; she had been hit.


“I have no intention of letting the Captain die on this planet.” Spock told her quietly, returning his gaze back to the crowd. The people yelled obscenities as the Captain was raised in the air by his wrists by some sort of fixed pulley, his feet dangling off the ground by several feet.


Spock narrowed his eyes as he noticed one of the men hand the leader a whip. His gripped tightened on the sword’s hilt, trying to find the ideal way to rescue his Captain without causing further damage to his being. He briefly entertained the thought of barging into the crowd as he could easily outmatch the villagers in hand to hand combat. That, however, would cause a stir in mob mentality, which would certainly be unwise. Also, the leader would see him coming and, in anger at realizing he was lied to, would most likely just end the Captain’s life instantly instead of torturing him as planned.


A loud crack echoed throughout the town as the whip collided with Kirk’s back, causing Spock to grow more alert. The villagers cheered as their leader repeated the action, forming red gashes along Kirk’s flesh. Spock felt the nagging tug of panic coast the back of his mind and forcibly stilled his feet from illogically moving of their own accord. He had to be sure of his actions. Time was of the essence.


“Mr. Alien...?” Spock heard the child call timidly, and he turned to inform her he was thinking and not to be disturbed when he noticed what was in her outstretched hands. “Here, I saved it from being junked.”


Spock took the phaser from her tiny hands. Well, this was certainly a new variable to add to the equation. After a nod in thanks, Spock returned to gaze at the crowd and was rather alarmed when the leader abandoned his whip in favor for the club he was being offered. Spock watched in horror as the club crashed into Kirk’s side, most likely cracking a rib or two based on Kirk’s pained expression and anguished cry. The crowd roared in delight.


“Help him, Mr. Alien!” Kayley urged, unable to understand why he was just standing there. “He’ll die!” She was closed to breaking down with emotion. Spock tried to motion for her to be quiet, his eyes focused on the club and the fact it was about to strike his Captain once more. Before he could quite process it, he raised his phaser and fired.


The leader stopped mid swing when the rope that held his prisoner up in the air snapped suddenly. Spock blinked as the crowd stilled as Kirk fell to the ground in a limp pile of limbs. Spock, after taking in the incredibly irritated face of the leader, quickly set his phaser to stun and fired.


The crowd watched in confusion as their leader seemingly fainted. Spock stepped out from behind the hut, phaser aimed. As he made his way to the unmoving bodies on the ground, the crowd began to take notice.


“Do not move, or you shall suffer the same fate as your leader.” Spock instructed sternly, his eyes roaming over the mob. They were uncertain, glancing between the alien and their leader, their grips on their weapons loosening. There was a very high probability that they assumed their leader was dead, and Spock was going to use that to his advantage.


When he finally reached him, Spock knelt down beside his Captain, checking his pulse. Spock briefly closed his eyes in relief when he felt the faint beat. “Captain.” Spock called quietly, eyeing the other unconscious man. He was not keen on having that man rouse from his stupor. “Captain.” Spock tried again, unsure if he should move the broken body.


“Mr. Alien?” Spock turned his head slightly toward Kayley, just noticing that she had followed him and was now showing her unease at the crowd’s restlessness. “Is the Captain okay?” She asked softly, as if she were afraid anyone would hear her.


Kirk coughs, causing Spock to bring his full attention to the man, alert. He watches as Kirk gingerly opened his eyes. After a moment of staring – probably letting them focus properly Spock presumed – Kirk spoke, “Spock?” His voice was hoarse and uncertain.


Spock nodded once. “Captain.” Kirk narrowed his eyes as he realized their situation. He tired to move but stopped due the sharp pain that jolted throughout his body, letting out groan. “Jim.” Spock voiced his concern softly.


“Captain!” Spock turned to Kayley just as she clasped her hands over her mouth, but it was too late. The crowd had heard her outburst and was furious. They were calling for her blood, and she backed into them, tripping over Kirk’s legs, causing him to wince. Spock raised his phaser at them, hoping to keep them at bay, but matters worsened.


Spock heard the faint moan despite the mob’s uproar. He glanced to the other man, and, sure enough, he was starting to rise. Spock quickly pulled out his communicator. “Spock to Enterprise.” He pressed closer to his Captain. Everything was starting to happen too fast.


The leader shook the fogginess from his mind and peered at them, eyes settling on Kayley’s frightened form. He was furious. “What are you doing with my daughter?” He shouted, face an impossible shade of red.


Spock heard Kirk mumble incredulously as the communicator beeped. “Spock! Scott 'ere.” The Chief Engineer was anxious.


The leader was standing at full height now, about to make his way to the trio with his club in hand. Spock narrowed his eyes as he pointed his phaser at Kayley, surprising both the girl and Kirk. “Do not move, or I will fire.” Spock spoke calmly, staring the man straight in the eyes. He froze instantly, a glare plastered on his face.


“Spock?” The Lieutenant commander’s uneasy voice called through the communicator. Spock looked at his Captain, trying to decided what should be done. He briefly flashed his eyes over to the leader with his club, to the mob with their weapons raised and ready, to Kayley’s terrified and still form, and finally back to Kirk.


Kirk seemed to sense his hesitancy. “Three.” He muttered, his eyes light, and nodded to his First.


Spock gave a minute nod in response. “Three to beam up, Mr. Scott.” Spock, with the very slightest hesitation, grabbed hold of Kirk’s shoulder lightly while Kirk delicately clasped Kayley’s hand. Spock then set his phaser’s aim on the leader.


“What are you doing?” The leader demanded as the trio were encircled by spiraling light. Spock just kept eye contact as he felt himself disappear, his grip on his Captain’s shoulder tightening slightly. The last thing Spock saw before disappearing altogether was the leader’s form rushing at them.


x X x


He felt like hell.


Groaning when he tried to move, he settled for only opening his eyes.


“Look who’s finally awake.” Jim tried not to smile as he heard his friend’s southern drawl. Sure enough, the good doctor came into Jim’s eyesight. “You are the biggest blockhead I know.”


“Love you, too.” Jim managed to croak out sarcastically, his voice heavy from being unused. “What happened?” He tried to reposition himself, which wasn’t his brightest idea.


“Don’t move, you lunatic.” Bones ordered, shooting Jim a glare as he checked his stats. “You’re recovering from two broken ribs, not to mention three cracked ones and the twenty or so lashes I counted on your back.” Bones wasn’t looking at him as he spoke, instead busying himself with charts and what looked like a hypo. Jim groaned.


“No hypos, Bones.” Jim requested lazily, wondering if the doctor would actually listen.


“No hypos!” Bones was definitely looking at him now, his eyes gleaming. “Is that all you have to say, Jim, after what went down there?” Bones almost looked hurt, and Jim felt like he was punched in the gut.


“Bones –”


“No, just look,” Bones sighed, frustration radiating from his entire being, “Can you just promise me that next time – cause the good Lord knows there’ll be a next time – you’ll at least try to think of your well-being?” Bones looked at him, almost pleadingly for a moment. Almost.


Jim sighed. “Don’t know if I can do that, Bones.” He looked apologetically at his best friend. “Already made too many promises I couldn’t keep in my life.” Jim glanced away from Bones, unable to handle the intensity in his eyes.


Bones harrumphed, going back to checking the chart in his hand. “I was surprised when Spock beamed aboard, though. It’s unlike him to receive injuries like that.” Bones put down the chart and leaned against the bed next to Jim’s, arms folded across his chest.


Jim felt his eyes widen. “Is he okay?”


Bones scoffed. “Of course. Had one hell of a time getting him to come to Sickbay. The damn green blooded elf insisted I only worry about you and let him attend to his duties as acting Captain.”


Jim grinned. “And your response?”


Bones narrowed his eyes. “I’m Chief Medical Officer, end of conversation.” Bones rolled his eyes as Jim chuckled uncontrollably, wincing every now and then because of the pain. “Like taking care of a four-year-old...” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck. Jim grinned, settling down. “Now that you’re close to being an adult for a moment, mind telling me what’s with the girl?” His eyebrow was raised.


Jim’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Girl...? Oh! You mean Kayley?” He asked, remembering the events of the missions more clearly now. “Spock didn’t tell you?” Jim raised his eyebrow. That didn’t sound like Spock; the Vulcan wouldn’t leave out details.


“Please don’t tell me you two adopted.” Bones gave Jim that look, the one that said “I hope you didn’t actually do something that crazy, but I wouldn’t put it past you.” Jim couldn’t help but chuckle.


“That would make the mommy and daddy joke priceless, wouldn’t you think?” Jim smiled widely, showing off his teeth. Bones just continued to give him that look. “Okay, sheesh, we took her with us cause she would’ve died otherwise.” Jim stated seriously. “Spock really didn’t say anything?”


Bones shrugged. “Found it weird myself. When he first beamed aboard, Sulu gave his account of what had happened. I couldn’t really believe y’all were almost done in by primitives,” Jim sent Bones a glare, “but when Spock was transported with you and the girl, he confirmed Sulu’s story but wouldn’t really elaborate.” Bones shook his head with a sigh.


“Where are they? What’s going to happen to Kayley?” Jim asked after a beat.


“Well, we talked to her about finding a new home on the nearest space station. She was hesitant at first, but Spock advised her it would be for the better.” Bones smirked. “The little one won’t stop following Spock around. She’s practically glued to his hip.” Bones was almost in glee. “Sulu’s been having fun with that.”


Jim laughed. He could just see it in his head, Spock being all mother hen on the girl. It was ridiculous.


“Is there something you find amusing, Captain?” The two friends turned their attention to the man standing in the doorway, a little girl hiding right behind him. Bones smirked at the sight.


“Not at all, Mr. Spock.” Jim grinned at his First. The Vulcan just stood there, Kayley looking between the two. “Are you just going to stand there?” Jim asked, raising an eyebrow at Bones.


“Oh, Mr. Captain!” Kayley cried suddenly and rushed to Jim’s side. “I’m so sorry my father did that to you.” She was on the verge of tears as she took his hand in her own. “I’m really sorry.” She squeezed his hand, tears threatening to fall.


“Hey, hey, hey,” Jim tried to calm her down, looking to Bones for help. The doctor simply scratched the back of his neck, an amused look on his face. Jim made a mental note to steal his bourbon later. “It’s okay. I’m fine now.” Jim shot a pleading look at Bones.


“C’mon, little miss,” Bones sighed, offering his hand to the girl, “Let’s leave the two to talk.” Bones smirked at Jim’s semi-glare. Kayley sniffled and allowed Bones to lead her out of Sickbay.


Spock had moved out the doorway so the two could pass, but he didn’t move an inch further into the room. Jim felt increasingly uneasy under the Vulcan’s unblinking stare. He could tell his First was uncomfortable with something; it was in the way he held his shoulders slightly more rigid than normal. He cleared his throat.


“Something troubling you, Spock?” Jim spoke, carefully repositioning himself, though not without a wince or two.


Spock took a quick step forward, then stopped suddenly. If Jim didn’t know any better, he’d say Spock had openly shown concern on his features for a few seconds before his trained impassiveness took over. Weird.


“I wished to inform you that all the necessary records have been made, and StarFleet has been made aware of the state of the planet and its inhabitants, Captain.” Spock said finally, still regarding Jim with that intense stare.


Jim rolled his eyes. He wasn’t really in the mood to deal with the mission, and besides, Spock was more than cable of filling out forms and reports. “Super.” He sighed, closing his eyes for a bit. His head was starting to ache something fierce. Maybe he should have had Bones give him a little something for the pain.


Feeling movement near him, Jim opened his eyes and found his First almost at his side, his eyes gleaming. “Captain,” Spock started but paused, his brow knitting together slightly. “Jim.” He started again hesitantly, and Jim smiled at the use of his first name, “I would like to offer my apologies for my recklessness during last week’s mission –”


“Spock,” Jim wanted to protest but was caught off guard. He’d been out a week? Thanks for telling me, Bones.


Spock continued speaking, acting as if he hadn’t heard Jim. “If I had been more mindful of my surroundings, you would most likely not be in your current state.”


“Spock,” Jim tried again, but it seemed his First had more to say. Of course.


“I also would like to apologize for not following your orders and have noted my insubordination in the mission’s records.”


Jim groaned. “Damn it, Spock.” Jim muttering, mentally cursing. Now he had to go over the paperwork.


“Captain, I realize you gave direct orders to leave you behind, however, I was unwilling –”


“Spock,” Jim interrupted exasperatedly, “I’m not upset with you for that. I’d be dead right now if it weren’t for you.” Jim placed his hand over his forehead. “I’m upset over the fact that I have to read through the records to fix your error.” He ran his hand over his face, breathing slowly.


“Error, Captain?” Spock questioned, obviously (to Jim, anyway) confused.


“Spock,” Jim started slowly, “there was no need to document your so called insubordination because I don’t believe that’s what you’ve committed.” Jim spoke evenly, his professional tone creeping into place in his tiredness. “I am upset at the fact you risked your life when that old woman warned you you’d be in trouble, though.” He tried to show his anger, but weariness was taking its toll.


Something glimmered in Spock’s eyes for a moment, and Jim regarded him curiously. He seemed to clear his throat, swallowing. “Captain –” Spock began, though he paused for the slightest of seconds, “though it appeared that the woman forewarned my own death on that planet, she was in fact speaking of another.” Spock finished, his eyes narrowed slightly, cautious.


Jim just stared at the Vulcan. He really didn’t have enough energy to put up with Spock’s little riddles right now. “Spock, I’m kind of tired right now, so I’d really appreciate it if you were straightforward with your answers. Don’t make me think.” Jim tried to offer his First a grin but only managed a smile small.


Instead of relaxing like Jim had wanted him to, Spock only seemed to furrow his brow and tighten his shoulders. “Very well. The warning was meant for you, Jim.” Spock’s voice seemed to grow quiet and his eyes became softer. If only by a little bit. Regardless, it took Jim by surprise.


They just stood there, in a... well, Jim wouldn’t call it a comfortable silence. Although, it wasn’t an uneasy one either. Spock merely observed him while Jim tried to process everything. The old lady warned Spock that his heart would stop. Spock said the warning was meant for me. That doesn’t really figure right, unless... Jim looked at his First.


“So... that warning was... of my impending doom?” Jim asked uncertainly, unsure if he had placed everything together right. “She was calling me your heart?” Spock only gave a nod in response. Huh, that’s weird. Jim had to close his eyes and breathe, feeling a major headache creeping on him.


“Captain?” He heard Spock call, heard the underlying tone of concern. He wanted to open his eyes, but they just wouldn’t, the events of the mission swimming in his head. “Are you feeling well, Jim?”


Taking a deep breath just to clear his head, Jim answered, “Of course, but I’m feeling one hell of a headache coming on, so the full implications of what you just said most probably won’t hit me until later.” Jim smiled, gently cozying into his uncomfortable bed.


“Do you require Dr. McCoy’s assistance?” Spock inquired, taking note of the crease in Jim’s brow.


Jim’s smile faded slightly at the thought of the good doctor polluting the room with his grumpiness. He shook his head. Even though his eyes were closed, he could still feel his First’s presence beside him, and that just made Jim feel all the more cozy. “Spock,” Jim called sleepily, “I’m glad you’re alive.” Jim took a deep breath and found sleep rapidly taking over.


It may have been his hazy mind playing tricks on him, but Jim could have sworn he felt a hesitant hand on his shoulder and heard a muttered “I am glad you are as well” right before he gave into sleep’s embrace.

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